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★ Used for self teaching, in private music instruction and by schools across the USA.★ 

Getting Music: The Basics For Rock, Jazz, R&B, Hip Hop & Country

“Music is too cool to make it hard to understand.”

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♫  What modern musicians need to know to perform popular music.

♫  8-½” x 11” paperback; 152 pages; color illustrations.

♫  By Vincent Giannini and Dennis Wells Benjamin.

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Dennis Wells Benjamin
and David White perform in Washington, DC.

Photo © 2011 Emily Best.

What’s it about?  How music works!

★ Millions of people want to understand how to perform popular music. Many learn to play musical sounds on instruments, but don’t understand how music really works.

★ Easy-to-understand explanations of all the essential concepts contemporary musicians depend on.

★ Describes the language modern musicians use.

★ The more you understand music concepts, the better you'll be at expressing yourself with music, no matter what your expertise level or what music style you perform.

★ What The Reviews Say ★

“For the serious student…indispensable!
  …a fresh perspective to theory basics, primarily for adults and high school students studying contemporary music styles.
  …also applicable for the traditional adult music student.
  …very readable with large clear illustrations of the concept being presented.
  …an important reference material for the teacher.”

Phyllis Pieffer, NCTM
– Reviewer, American Music Teacher, official journal of the Music Teachers National Association (MTNA), October 2014. Full review at the

Who’s it for?

The Jaguar Club at DC9 Nightclub
The Jaguar Club playing at DC9.

Photo © 2015 Vincent Giannini.

★ Adult and mature-teenage aspiring musicians who want to perform contemporary music.

★ Semi-pro musicians who never had formal music training and feel they could improve with better understanding.

★ Anyone who just wants to understand how music works without becoming a musician.

★ Designed for self teaching, or can accompany private music lessons or classroom courses.

★ If you’re not sure whether Getting Music is for you, check out our FAQs about the book’s content.

What’s in the book?

electronic drum set

Photo © 2011 Emily Best.

★ Getting Music thoroughly explains how music works through a clear, logical lay-out of the practical building blocks.

★ What’s in Getting Music is what’s actually used in popular music styles.
      • Doesn’t bore you with academic details.
      • Skips the huge amount of classical-music language just not needed to perform contemporary music.

★ Informal, everyday language—no lectures.

★ 114 illustrations make understanding music easier and faster.MusicSpeak: Backbeat

★ 73 Music Speak boxes define contemporary musicians’ terms and phrases.

★ Unique content about how music concepts are used in different styles makes learning the basics more connected and meaningful to your interests as a musician.

★ For the basic but powerful musical ideas of intervals, scales and chords, gets at why things are done and how they are used in contemporary music—not just what the definitions are.

★ We almost don’t want to say it because we don’t want to scare some people off, but Getting Music also covers essential music theory used in popular music styles. Don’t get hung up on the word “theory”. This stuff is not theoretical at all. It’s the real, day-to-day, useful stuff all musicians use.

★ Check out Getting Music’s table of contents and a few example illustrations (at reduced size).

How Is Getting Music Different?

★ To understand how Getting Music is a lot different from other books, find out Why Getting Music Was Written.