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Why Getting Music Was Written

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We couldn’t find a good book explaining all the essentials you need to know to perform popular music styles...

Getting Music fills a gap in books for learning about how popular music works. Millions of people want to understand the end-to-end basics needed to perform popular music styles. But, they can’t get a clear understanding of the fundamentals easily from traditional music books because:

tuning pegs

Photo © 2013 Dennis Wells Benjamin.

...So we wrote one.

Getting Music book cover

The collaboration of Getting Music authors Dennis Wells Benjamin and Vincent Giannini combines two distinct viewpoints:

• A professional musician’s expertise, plus 25 years of experience teaching instruments and music theory

• The perspective of what newbies want and how not to confuse or bore them.

Getting Music puts all in one place the practical information you need for understanding how music works. Plus, it describes the language modern musicians actually use day to day.
How Music Works!

The purpose of Getting Music is to make you a better musician for performing rock, jazz, R&B, hip hop, country and many, many other popular music styles.