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Throughout this page, “you” and “your” refer to users of this web site and purchasers of Getting Music. “We”, “us”, “our” and “ours” refer to the owners and operators of this web site and the holders of the copyrights to Getting Music and the contents of this web site.

Terms & Conditions:

By using this web site, you confirm you accept our policies, terms and conditions. If you do not agree to all our policies, terms and conditions, you must stop using this site immediately.
Governing Laws and Court Jurisdiction: By using this web site and any of its functions, you agree that any and all disputes involving your use of this web site or your purchase or use of Getting Music will be governed by the laws of the United States of America and the Commonwealth of Virginia, and are subject only to the jurisdiction of the courts in and for the County of Fairfax, Virginia.
Sales Tax: For purchases made by Virginia residents or for delivery within Virginia, the purchaser must pay Northern Virginia Retail Sales & Use Tax in effect at the time the purchase transaction is processed. As of 1 July 2013, that tax rate is six percent (6%).
Other Taxes: If other taxes are determined to be legally required, the purchaser will be required to pay those taxes.
Cancellation Of Purchase: Once a purchase is submitted, on-line cancellation is not possible. If you made a mistake during your purchase using the web site, contact us within 24 hours using the contact information on this page: ‘Contact Us About Getting Music’.
All sales are final except in the case a physically defective book is delivered or the order is filled incorrectly by us, in which cases we will pay return shipping and, at our sole discretion, either ship a replacement or refund 100% of your payment.
Headings: Headings used on this page are for the purposes of organizing information for presentation. Headings do not form part of the definition or explanation of our polices or terms and conditions.
Severability: Each of our terms and conditions is severable. If any term or condition is found unenforceable by a court identified herein as having agreed-to jurisdiction, that decision does not affect the full power and effect of any other term or condition.
Use of Our Web Site for Its Intended Purposes: If, at our sole discrection, we determine you are not accessing or using our web site for its intended purposes, your IP address will be blocked from accessing the web site.
No Liability For Actions Or Circumstances Beyond Our Control: We are committed to protecting the security of your personal information. We have entered into trusted business relationships with reputable third parties to host this web site and provide secure e-commerce software and services using standard commerical practices. In the event of failure, negligence or malfeasance in protecting your personal information by those third parties beyond our control, you agree we cannot be held liable for any loss related to disclosure or use of your personal information caused by circumstances beyond our control.

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Privacy Policy And Disclosure Of Personally Identifiable Information:


This web site collects certain data without your permission, such as the IP address you use to access this web site. Data is collected using cookies or network connection data. We collect anonymous information about the web site's pages you visit, including but not limited to the time of day you visit, how long you visit, the number of times you visit and other data we use to understand how users use our web site. That data is used by us to understand and assess our web site's visitors' experiences so that we may undertake from time to time to improve our web site. When we use data collected in this way, it is aggregated with data from many other users and not tied specifically to you. We will not use data collected in this way to attempt to contact you or to create a personally identifable profile of you for marketing purposes or other purposes either by us or third parties.


This web site collects your personally identifiable information when you voluntarily provide it (1) to conduct e-commerce, such as to purchase Getting Music, or (2) when you contact us with questions or comments. In this context, personally identifiable information includes, but is not limited to, such information as your name, your business's or institution's name, physical addresses, e-mail addresses, telephone numbers and credit card information.

To use this web site's functions for conducting e-commerce transactions, you will have to provide personally identifiable information. When you provide your information for e-commerce purposes, we will use that information for processing your e-commerce transaction. Your information will be gathered from the payment information submitted by you as a purchaser. When you use the e-commerce functions on this site, your information will be collected directly from the credit card verification information we require to complete your purchase transaction and any other information you enter. If we agree to another payment method, the information will come from the purchaser information we require for such other payment method. We will permanently retain all the information except specific account information related to form of payment, which we will retain for a minimal period to settle the transaction. We will use retained personally identifiable information to contact you regarding your transaction. We will also use that information from time to time regarding news related to Getting Music, but only with your expressed permission for such continung contacts. We also will use retained personally identifiable information without your permission to cooperate with law enforcement agencies to detect and prosecute unauthorized distribution, copyright violation and/or theft of intellectual property involving the book Getting Music or the contents of this web site.

You may contact us by e-mail with questions or comments and voluntarily provide contact information. We will use that contact information for the purpose of responding to your questions or comments.


We respect your privacy. We will not disclose your personally identifiable information to third parties except as follows:
• Transactions Through The Web Site: The personal information you submit when making a purchase using the e-commerce functions of this site will be used by us and the third parties who provide us e-commerce services to fulfill your transaction. You consent to this disclosure by the act of entering your personal information using the e-commerce functions on this web site.
• Transactions Not Through The Web Site: We may from time to time at our discretion agree to conduct transactions other than by using the e-commerce functions of this web site. One example is the purchase of multiple copies of Getting Music by an educational institution for its students. If the purchase transaction is handled using a method other than the e-commerce functions of this site, your personal information required to complete such transaction will be disclosed by us to third parties as necessary to complete the transaction. You consent to this disclosure by the act of providing your personal information to conduct the transaction.
• As Required By Law & To Protect Our Rights: We will disclose personally identifiable information to law enforcement and other governmental agencies as required by law and to protect our rights, for example, to prosecute credit card fraud or to redress unauthorized copying or distribution of our intellectual property. Your consent will be neither requested nor required in the event disclosure of your personally identifiable information is required by law or to protect our rights.