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Self Quiz 1: Name The Interval Between Two Notes.


In this self quiz, you will identify the different intervals that can occur between pairs of notes.

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The table below shows the simple intervals that occur between pairs of notes in any music.

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Semitone Distance
Between Notes
P1perfect prime
or unison
m2minor 2nd1
M2major 2nd2
aug2augmented 2nd3
dim3diminished 3rd2
m3minor 3rd3
M3major 3rd4
aug3augmented 3rd5
dim4diminished 4th4
P4perfect 4th5
aug4augmented 4th6
dim5diminished 5th6
P5perfect 5th7
aug5augmented 5th8
dim6diminished 6th7
m6minor 6th8
M6major 6th9
aug6augmented 6th10
dim7diminished 7th9
m7minor 7th10
M7major 7th11
P8perfect octave12

Use the button to get a bottom note and a top note forming an interval. (Reuse the button to continue quizzing yourself for as long as you like.)

David White on sax.
David White on sax.

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David J. White.

top note:

bottom note:

Identify the interval upward from the bottom note to the top note.

Your answer is:

Give your answer by clicking on the correct interval.